The Biography of Mohammad A Sallal

My life is Dynamic, Dangerous and Interesting. For instance, did you know lions have a week dedicated to me?

Okay, I may have exaggerated the "lion" thing, but I wish to fighting with them. My life is not fully perfect, but am working to do it. i had many mistakes in the past and i still doing so, but my cup is always full of hope Albert Einstein Says: Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Honestly, the Data mining is my greatest passion. Specifically, building an algorithm that change the world is my biggest passion.

Since childhood, I have always been curious about how things work. Whenever I encounter an object, I always ask myself, "What is the purpose of this item?" and, "How it made to function in this way?" Often, these questions lead me to wonder, "Is there a more efficient way for this device to serve its purpose?" and, "How can I improve its usability?" I tried many solutions to improve it, and many of them was failed, but finally and after a lots of trials i had not only the overall understanding of how it works but also how it should look and what material needed to make that object work more effectively.

At five years old with my lovely ATARI game, I disassembled every part of it and reassembled it again many time, but i always asking my self the same question which is how these parts talking to each other and how this controller designed, thats is the first challenge to understand these objects. After five years i had my first computer with Windows 95 operating system, I spent countless hours playing strategic and fighting PC games (my favorites: Doom, Red Alert, and Disney Magic Artist). These games through the run and setup process usually having bugs and usually interrupt which made me edit the system files to fix it, Here i decided to understand what computer is and how i can did something useful through it. Fast forward to my twelfth birthday, I start studying basic computer concept in my school and i love it so much, which gave me an imagination of how can i draw my future. All of these laid the foundation for my future occupation as a developer.

Throughout the next years, I started my B.S degree in Yarmouk University at 2008 with Major of Computer Information System, I learned many computer concepts and programing courses. Continuation in improving my knowledge in Database, Object orinted Analysis and design. At the last year of my studying i decided to learn my lovely topic Data Mining using Oracle data miner and developing web applications which open the door to learn other topics like SOAP, PHP and MySql, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery ..etc. Recently i graduated from university at JAN 2012 willing to learn many new concepts and tools to become an IT professional. ¶

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